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Posted by Dona Howard  /  Life and God  /  May 22, 2013


I’ve heard this song on Air1 Christian station called “Heal This Home” . And it says in the chorus “when you feel like somethin’s missin and your world is crashing down, when the house you’ve built is falling into pieces on the ground, when you feel like there’s no way to fix what’s wrong, Love is strong and God can heal is home.”

It actually talks about a couple who have grown apart in their marriage and how God can fix what’s broken. I hear that song and it just brings me to tears. I know what t is to be so broken. I once felt like no matter what anyone said, no matter how big God is I was beyond repair. My household was beyond repair.

I remember being a little girl and longing for my parents to get back together. I wished that someone could wave a magic wand and fix my home. I know this is something some of us have faced. We look at our marriages, our relationships with our families and we see the distance and disconnect. We feel the isolation of that broken relationship and our hearts break. This is not how God designed our relationships to be. But isn’t strange how much it resembles our fallen nature. It reminds me of the disconnect that happened between man and God when Adam fell.

I believe it is a curse we live under if we choose not to surrender our lives to God. I think it’s also a tactic of the enemy. We all know the scripture, that the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy. I know looking at my own life the enemy has brought so much division in my family. Isn’t that just the way the enemy works. He isn’t stupid, he is cunning and divisive. If he can keep us divided and at each others throats, then we are vulnerable and weak. You can be so consumed by conflict, we can be offended and hurt. Suddenly we are over taken by our wounds and those ” how dare they! how could they?!” moments.

Our focus has shifted from God to ourselves. We find ourselves in such a dangerous place. Sometimes we don’t even realize we have put ourselves in danger. We are simply consumed by me, myself, and I. But if you really look at Gods word, as Christians we lose the right to be offended. I know, I know. You think that’s crazy! It is simply the truth. We aren’t suppose to look our world thru our emotions, our flesh. We’re suppose to look past the junk and see the potential and what really lies in the heart and not what’s actually said. You have no idea where people are. They could be so wounded, hurt, broken and worn down that all they can do is push you away, be short tempered. You never know. I’ve been there and thank God I’ve had people around me to love me inspire of the garbage spewing from my mouth.

Honestly if we have our eyes on Jesus, and we stay in His will getting offended is so much more difficult. Look ,we all have bad days , we all do things that I’ll say is less than awesome. Not one of us is perfect . Shocker right?! But when we strive to do God’s will we don’t do things that are less than awesome. We start letting God’s love transform us. We stop talking to one another out of anger, we start loving each other for who we are and for the people we are called to be. I have to say my sister in law has this gift. She always sees the very best in people. She knows how to love you right where you are and to top it off she sees more in you than you see. It truly boggles my mind and to be honest I’m a little jealous of that gift. It is a special gift to love someone into a better person.

I think of my husband as I write this. We just celebrated 7 years on the 8th of April. When we met, I wasn’t the woman I am today. I was trying really hard to give God all of my junk, all of my past and trying to become a better person. I was extremely serious. I had a hard time letting my guard down and letting people in. I didn’t want to open up and let people see my heart, the real me. I was so broken , so wounded and just to be really transparent I was a dysfunctional mess! I was trying and failing to overcome the generational curses of my past.

When I met Nathan, I was amazed at his heart toward God. I was overtaken by his passion for worship and how vulnerable he was toward God in worship. When we started dating I was terrified to be open with him about my past, but I knew that when its real love you are safe and if he really loved me then I would have to share the good, the bad , and the ugly with him. So I did. When I finished explaining my past to him , I sat and waited for him jump up and say “Sorry. You’re just too messed up for me. I can’t handle all your baggage.” I expected that. However he took my hands and with tears in his eyes, he said he was so sorry I had gone thru all of that. And he said that he doesn’t see the broken stuff. He said that I was stuck with him and we’d figure all of it out together. He said he would never let anything like that ever happen to me again. Of course I’m para-phrasing. But you get the jest.

This is is what real love looks like. Love bears all things. That kind of love changes everything. Knowing that I had that kind of love with me, I wasn’t afraid to look at all the junk and start sifting thru it. That kind of love makes you fearless.

” There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out all fear, because fear involves torment”
-1 John 4:18

How many of you know that when you are surrounded by love you aren’t afraid ? Suddenly you are brave enough to tackle anything thrown at you. It’s just like the brave knight that goes off to fight the dragon so he can marry the princess. When you are fueled by love, fear isn’t a factor. That knight was not thinking,“Oh no! I might get burned alive!” or “Oh no! The dragon could gobble me up!” No! He was thinking about the love of that princess. He would lay down his very life to save her.

Doesn’t that remind you of Jesus?! He was my knight in shining Armor . He rescued me from a life of fear, shame, loneliness, abuse, and just curse. When Jesus found me I had no hope. I thought I would never amount to anything, but His love changed me. It rescued my soul and renewed my hope. It gave me strength. I suddenly wasn’t afraid because I knew my God was on my side, good or bad , better or worse. It wasn’t easy to let God have all of my junk, but He is so patient. He loves us so much He continually waits for us to trust Him.

In that time He shows us just how much He loves us. When I look at my life, it is baffling how much I’ve changed. I was so hard, so untrusting, cold, I only thought about how to just make it thru the day. My mind was constantly tormented about how no one cared about me, no one would or could ever love me. I was disgusting and repulsive. Everyone who ever meant anything to me would turn on me and leave me. I believed all of those things. Hook, line, and sinker! But then like a breathe of fresh, spring air God reached out to me in my mess. He loved me in spite of my baggage and let’s face it, all of my bondage. He gently drew me to Him until I trusted Him enough to give Him everything and when I did He showed me who I really was.

He made me brave enough to face those torments and lies that had a hold over my life so much to the point that I felt like I was drowning. The Love of Jesus Christ softened my heart. It was easy to love those around me, I found a joy I’d never known. I could laugh again . I saw a future. Funny how love can change anything. It catches us by surprise, it doesn’t make sense. But that the incredible thing about God’s love. It’s miraculous!

We all are seeking it. We all want it. It’s that one thing we keep searching for and we don’t even realize it. Let the love of the Father take you in. Let it heal your hurts. Let it transform you into who God says you are!

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Originally from Nashville Tennessee, Dona is married to her husband Nathan and has a son Keaton. She loves spending time with her family, cooking and doing hair & makeup.

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